Aman Bajaj

Rajaram/Potency Peddler

Originally from Kolkata, India, Aman Bajaj has performed in numerous productions, ranging from Gary Henderson’s Tigerplay, as part of Auckland Theatre Company and the Young & Hungry Festival of New Theatre 2011, Thomas Sainsbury’s The Foreign Monologues and Hotel as well as Prayas Theatre productions Swabhoomi: Borrowed Earth, Dara, Rudali and Love N Stuff.

In addition to acting, he has written and directed plays for the last five seasons of the Short+Sweet Festival: AI East, Dhoti Baba and Manpreets Wedding Night. He was also a host on the youth current affairs show D Brief on The Wireless, which was funded by Radio New Zealand. Aman is excited to be back working with ATC and Prayas Theatre to help bring Ahi Karunaharan’s vision for A Fine Balance to life.  

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