Cassandra Tse


Cassandra is a director, playwright and performer, and the artistic director of the Wellington-based Red Scare Theatre Company. Previous directorial work includes the New Zealand premieres of The Aliens (2019), Gutenberg! The Musical! (2018), A New Brain (2017), Yellow Face (2017) and Ordinary Days (2016), as well as the world premiere of Four Nights in the Green Barrow Pub (2019). As a playwright, her most recent work includes the musicals The Bone Thief (2018) and M’Lady (2017), straight plays Under (2017) and Long Ago, Long Ago (2015) and audio drama Apocalypse Songs (2020). In 2020, she also wrote and starred in the musical theatre cabaret That’s All She Wrote.

 In her spare time, Cassandra plays a lot of Stardew Valley, and recently learned how to make cha siu bao from scratch.

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