Elsie Ropati


Elsie Ropati was born and raised in Apia, Samoa, before migrating to New Zealand 42 years ago. She is married, with seven beautiful children, and is a nana to four grandchildren. Seven years ago, she was approached to audition for a role in a Samoan movie and has appeared in three films for South Seas Pictures Ltd: Naomi, Fa'amagalo (Forgiveness) and the popular film series with 14 episodes called Matai (The Chief). She is currently working on a new series called Mavaega (The Will). When she is not acting for the screen, Ropati helps run the family business, acts in TV ads and models for the popular Samoan label MENA.

“I've always loved and enjoyed the performing arts from a young age; whether it was a school play, dancing or singing with a group of friends, the passion was always there. I'm so grateful and very honoured to be doing my first live play with an exceptional cast of professionals.”

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