Gavin Rutherford

Mr McRae




Gavin Rutherford has been lucky enough to work in more than 50 theatrical performances all over the country but is proudly based in Wellington, New Zealand. After he graduated from the UNITEC School of Performing and Screen Arts in Auckland, his career has enabled him to travel the country, being looked after very well by festivals, while performing in the multi-award-winning show Hotel and the Dave Armstrong comedy Le Sud. Gavin is a member of the Circa Council at Circa Theatre in Wellington. He has been the ‘Dame’ in the successful Roger Hall pantomimes at Circa for the last eight years.

He has been involved in various voice work including the animated TV show Nori Roller Coaster Boy and Duncan Sarkies’ crazy podcast The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Berties Botanarium. He has directed for Circa and KidzStuff Theatre and produced and directed his partner Gina Vanessi’s plays, Quiver, Minksie and Ron Explore the Gap. In 2019, Simon Leary and he are writing the pantomime Alice in Wonderland for Circa Theatre.

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