Greg Johnson


Greg Johnson is a hard-working and diligent professional who brings a wealth of nuance and idiosyncrasy to every role he wrestles with. His film credits include The World’s Fastest Indian and The Piano and he has appeared in television shows Outrageous Fortune, The Brokenwood Mysteries and Power Rangers Dino Fury. His stage credits include The Comedy of Errors, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Much Ado About Nothing for Pop-Up Globe, and The Motor Camp and Calendar Girls for ATC.

“It is an absolute privilege to be directed by Anapela, her sense of fun humour and generosity is heart-warming. Thank you, Anapela. Working alongside these actors is thrilling. Their skill level and enthusiasm are astonishing, not to mention they’re all such damn good company. A special tribute goes to our leading man, Ian Hughes, whom you’re about to see; has a marathon of a role. His self-assurance and professionalism are something to behold, eating this elephant one bite at a time. It is an honour and a revelation. Thank you, Ian. Michael Clark herds us cats with much aplomb. Lastly, it is beholden upon me to acknowledge David Galler and all his colleagues for their hard work and commitment to our communities. We are forever in your debt. Nurses are on strike for better conditions on the night Things That Matter opens.”