Jo Kilgour

Lighting Design

Jo Kilgour is an Auckland-based lighting designer and technical/production director with extensive experience both nationally and internationally. Her recent lighting design credits include Semele (NZ Opera), Once (Peach Theatre Company), Six Degrees of Separation; Filthy Business; Under the Mountain;
Nell Gwynn; Amadeus; The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (ATC), Sigan;
The Fibonacci; Matter; Brouhaha; Geography of an Archipelago; In Transit (The New Zealand Dance Company), Fringe Town; Rushes
(Malia Johnston), Leeches (Aloalii Tapu & Friends) and La Traviata; Cav+Pag (Festival Opera). Jo’s lighting design (along with
Rowan Pierce’s AV design) for Malia Johnston’s Rushes won the Auckland Fringe 2017 Production Design (Lighting & AV) award.