Kirsty Cameron

Costume Designer

ON THE UPSIDE-DOWN OF THE WORLD is Kirsty's second foray into designing costumes for theatre, the first being Harold Pinter's THE LOVER in 2010.

Kirsty brings to her work as a costume designer the sensibility of a story teller, a deep interest in human nature, and a passion for the manner in which we wear clothes - from the way a homeless man might wrap all his clothes on his back, to the intricate delicacy of a haute couture gown.  

She sees her work as a constant collaboration with the director, the script and, very importantly, the actors, and she anticipates the moment when, through the process of fittings, the character appears in the room.

Kirsty has always been committed to telling locally originated stories with New Zealand writer/directors such as Niki Caro, Brad McGann and Toa Fraser on films including WHALE RIDER, RAIN, IN MY FATHER'S DEN, THE PRICE OF MILK, NO. 2, THE STRENGTH OF WATER, PIECE OF MY HEART and LOVEBIRDS.