Lana Macfarlane

Woman 1/Dead Mum/Policeman - Ensemble

Lana graduated from NASDA in 2012. Since then she has
performed as a singer for Impact Band in Asia (2012-2013), performed on board a Holland America Cruise Liner for Lana and the HAL Cats (2014), and played the role of Sherrazade in the Dionysus production of Twisted,
The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier (2015). Lana has had a love of performing since a very young
age, whether it was singing along to her Poppa’s saxophone or getting taught new musical theatre
numbers by her Grandmother. Her family has always
encouraged her to follow her passion and it has made for a very exciting and interesting life so far. The opportunity to play Dead Mum is incredible. She is such a wellloved character and her connection with Billy is so memorable and loving that Lana is thrilled to be able to bring Dead Mum ‘to life’.

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