Lisa Chappell

Mad's Mum / Peer's Mum / Terry Richardson / Anatta / Ensemble

Lisa’s career started as a teenager in iconic Kiwi television series Gloss, playing Chelsea Redfern. A variety of roles followed on stage and screen including; Chicago, Desperate Remedies, Shark in The Park, The Herbal Bed and City Life. At the age of 30 Lisa took two years away from work to study drama in Sydney and completed The Journey.  Upon graduating she landed the lead role in popular Aussie drama McLeod’s Daughters playing Claire McLeod. Other Australian screen roles include – Stingers, Small Claims, Crossbow, Cops LAC and Coffin Rock. When not acting Lisa loves to write. She’s written an album When Then Is Now, a one woman show Fred, a cabaret ON/OFF and two plays; Bad Day Insurance and Don’t Hold Your Breath, the latter which was developed by Auckland Theatre Company in The Next Stage 2009. Recent theatre appearances include; Polo, Detroit and Fallen Angels. It’s been 20 years since her first play with ATC playing Ann Deever in All My Sons.