Lucy Jane Senior

Costume Designer

Lucy Jane is a fashion stylist by day. She designed the costumes for Auckland Theatre Company's production of Other Desert Cities.

Dressing the tribes of Auckland for the biggest event on the social calendar is no different to dressing the tribes of any other city. At the bottom of a few glasses of wine, the carefully edited layers of adornment, purchased at the mall kiosk or from a boutique get piled into the same lost property box.

"I adjusted to my right again, and yet again, to give her even more room as she continued her course towards me. This was ridiculous, I thought, surveying the entire wide, empty sidewalk. I came to an abrupt halt (what choice did I have?) and looked at her, for she was a mere six inches away from me now, in spite of the vast expanse to her right.  She caught my eye and kept my gaze while she deliberately and not at all gently grazed my left arm with her magnificent handbag.

I had been charged. At least this is how it felt to the anthropologist in me.  I came to some conclusions. Chief among them: women on the Upper East Side, particularly women in their thirties and women on the downhill slope of middle age, are utterly attuned to and obsessed with power. Their message was clear. It was not simply "get out of my way" but something more pointed: "I don't see you. Because you don't even exist."

- Primates of Park Avenue a memoir