Rachel Marlow

Lighting Designer

Rachel Marlow works collaboratively to create dynamic production designs and lighting environments. She is thrilled to be working with both Auckland Theatre Company and Benjamin Henson again. Rachel’s previous lighting designs for ATC are Red Speedo, My Own Darling, Sons and Next Big Thing Festivals 2014 and 2015. In the past year, Rachel has designed lighting for Silo productions Mr Burns, Here Lies Love, Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, Peter and the Wolf and Blind Date Project. Her lighting designs were also seen around the country in An Iliad, HeadSand, Valerie, Burn Her, Yes Yes Yes and Blackbird Ensembles Bjork: All Is Full of Love. Her company Filament Eleven 11 (a partnership with Bradley Gledhill) works across corporate events, award shows, concerts and light art installations to create memorable live experiences.