Rachel Marlow

Set & Lighting Designer

Rachel Marlow and Brad Gledhill are production designers and co-founders of design company Filament Eleven 11. Creating the lighting, set and projection design for Things That Matter has been a labour of love! Filament Eleven 11 works collaboratively, with designers, directors and companies, to create dynamic production designs and lighting environments for live experiences, and to produce work that puts design and technology at the centre of storytelling in an inventive and unique way. The company produces designs for theatre, dance, rock and roll, corporate events, televised live events and installation art experiences. With lighting at the core of every design, their work expands to video design, projection design, set design, system design and overall production design. Filament Eleven 11 is drawn to work that is pushing boundaries and is led by inspiring creatives. Rachel regularly works with ATC (Single Asian Female, Black Lover, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, Red Speedo), Silo Theatre (Every Brilliant Thing, Boys Will Be Boys, Mr Burns, Here Lies Love, Peter and the Wolf), and Red Leap Theatre (Dakota of the White Flats, Owls Do Cry, Kororāreka, Dust Pilgrim) as well as a vast array of independent artists. Recent career highlights include: production design for Tropical Love Birds (Auckland Arts Festival 2021), an off-Broadway production at the SOHO Playhouse, New York, of FCC’s Wild Dogs Under My Skirt (also seen at NZ Festival of the Arts 2018 and Auckland Arts Festival 2019), and a 2019 Auckland Theatre Award for the design team of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (ATC).