Ritesh Vaghela

Sound Designer

Ritesh Vaghela is a dancer, an actor and a versatile musician who is known to pick up and play any instrument that is available to him. He is proficient with guitar, drums (adding his flair for the Cajon to many Prayas Theatre gigs in past) and the keyboard. His musical journey started at the age of 13 when he started playing for his school band. It was here, inspired by the rustic folk music that he heard around him, that his musical ambitions grew. Thanks to his talent, intuition and zest for music, Ritesh has played in numerous gigs and shows. He composes music and background scores for Tamil, English and Punjabi short films. Apart from his musical interests, Ritesh is an active member of various theatre and dance groups, including Prayas Theatre. He loves being creative at every opportunity and surrounds himself with the performing arts. Ritesh is also an ex-IT engineer and is currently training to be a pilot.

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