23 – 30 July Basement Theatre

HERE & NOW Festival is back! Young theatre-makers take over the Basement in a mid-winter celebration! HERE & NOW is Auckland Theatre Company’s annual Festival connecting young people and emerging artists to professional theatre. It’s a place for telling our stories, making our own work, and working alongside amazing practitioners.


By Sherry Zhang and Nuanzhi Zheng

An identity crisis, final year exams and a boy called Timothée Chalamet is just the beginning!

Poppy Young, high school it-girl, struggles to adapt to her new outsider status, meanwhile usually quiet Qiu Ju Yang navigates being vulnerable in love and at home. What do these two opposites have in common? Turns out its more than just their names…

A heart-warming Gen Z story celebrating truth and identity that will have you cackling, cringing and a little choked up too.

Told in Mandarin, Shanghainese and English.

Directed by Nathan Joe
Designed by Daniel Williams, Nuanzhi Zheng, Minsoh Rachel Choi, Tim Jansen, Kenji Iwamitsu-Holdaway

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Fleshies 2.0

Presented in collaboration with The Oddballs

Sell-out sensation Fleshies, by local legends The Oddballs, is reimagined by a diverse cast of brilliant young people from Tāmaki Makaurau.

Fleshies 2.0 is a celebratory call to action to teens, tweens and anyone who has ever battled with body insecurities. Tender stories devised by the cast are told with wild abandon, humour, and a big dose of body positivity.

Embrace the skin you’re in and join us for an intimately eclectic and electric show that empowers uniqueness.

Directed by Bryony Skillington and Grace Augustine
Designed by Daniel Williams, Divyaa Kumar, Tim Jansen, Chris Marshall

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Read Live

By Courtney Bassett, Clare Marcie, Dan Goodwin
Directed by Samuel Phillips
Dramaturg Keagan Fransch

Join us for this free play reading, featuring dynamic new scripts, stories, and scenes from the HERE & NOW Young Writers table read by a cast of dazzling performers.

Excerpts in motion:
She Thinks Evil by Courtney Bassett
Pickled by Clare Marcie
Manatees by Dan Goodwin (they/ them)

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