Now in its third year, we are excited to invite a new round of young, talented and committed writers to take part in this programme.

2018 YWT alumni Joni Nelson was commissioned to write 8 Reasonable Demands for this year’s HERE & NOW festival at the ASB Waterfront Theatre. Whose script will be on stage next?

Applications close Friday 26 July

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In April, the HERE & NOW Festival 2019 brought the ASB Waterfront Theatre to life by presenting world premieres of new plays from Joni Nelson and Leki Jackson-Bourke, and a collaboration with BINGE CULTURE. Over 60 young people took part and over 2000 people attended. A huge Thank You to everyone involved. Watch this space for HERE & NOW 2020.

The Gangster's Paradise

By Leki Jackson-Bourke

Directed by Fasitua Amosa

"This play definitely represents the rising of South Auckland and the prospects of our youth as leaders." (Theatrescenes)

Featuring Lincoln Forrest, Ria Sionetali Rattray, Onetoto Ikavuka, Zias Smith, Bella Robertson, Tewini Gregory, Letina Leniu, Kais, Azimullah, Sione Pule, Elijah Mavaega, Walter James Wildling, Oli Matieson, Kane Evans, Asha Haines, Isaac Hooper and Casey Pram.

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8 Reasonable Demands

By Joni Nelson

Directed by Leon Wadham

Featuring Kierron Diaz-Campbell, Daedae Tekoronga-Waka, Calum Hughes, Lusia Neemia, Courtney Bassett and Sherry Zhang.

Theatrescene's 8RD review

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"A sobering look at the underbelly of Auckland’s queer community" (Theatrescenes)

Watch Party


Devised with the cast

"The individual scenes or segments are critically powerful, passionately social, and contain comedy gold." (Theatrescenes)

Featuring Emily Hurley, Nathanael Tan, Ophelia Wass, Michael Brown, Georgia Hoskins- Smith, Annie Duynhoven, Lucas Haugh, Adeline Esther, Jodi Fordyce, Augustine Dube, Catherine Yates, Natasha Verney, Alex Schofield, Gabrielle Dally, Tasman Clark and Chloe Bagayas.

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