Here & Now Festival 26-30 April 2019

The Gangsters Paradise | By Leki Jackson Bourke

Wannabe gangster Jayden is on the verge of being expelled from St. Coolio High until Brother G offers him a way out… by taking the lead role in the school production of West Side Story.


8 Reasonable Demands | By Joni Nelson

In the aftermath of the Big Gay Out, six queer activists have gone a little too far. All they want to do is change the world, but they don’t quite agree on how to do it. Factions, frictions and fumbles abound!


Watch Party | Directed by BINGE CULTURE, devised with the cast.

This site-specific adventure explores how our online identities have become embedded in our reality, for better, or for worse. Experimental and surprising, we encourage you to Instagram this experience.