Age-old tales told live!

Touring to schools throughout Auckland, Mythmakers shows are short high-quality plays inspired by the traditional stories and legends of Aotearoa, the Pacific (and the world). Shows are designed for Primary and Intermediate Year Levels 3 - 8, and may be suitable for junior secondary students up to Year Level 10.

Mythmakers Teachers Guide
I felt happy because you taught us to follow our hearts and be happy.
Year 5 student — The Eel and Sina by Jono Soo Choon

Mythmakers 2019

TERM THREE 12-23 August 

MAHUIKA! By Amber Cureen

You probably know the legend of Māui and how the mischevious demi-god stole all of Aunty Mahuika's fiery fingernails, bringing fire back to the world. But do you know Mahuika’s story? Generations after Maui, Mahuika and her sisters journey to the realm of the atua to find her last flame, her youngest child, long hidden in a special Mahoe tree.

In this new adventure, the sisters learn to stoke their own flame and build their power through empathy and compassion.  Created by an all wahine Māori team, MAHUIKA! celebrates the role of women in the legends of Te Ao Māori, and weaves together te reo Māori, humour, physical theatre and puppetry. Told in te reo Māori and English.



Monday 12 – Friday 16 August

Monday 19 – 23 August

Duration: 40 minutes

Themes: Female empowerment, Matauranga Māori

Advisory: Supernatural themes


21 October - 8 November


Written and Directed by Benjamin Henson

Off we go to naughty camp to make us good kids - especially Icky who only wants to fly higher than anyone else, ever. And if he can’t do that, he’ll tell the story of someone who did - the amazing Icarus and his famous father Daedalus, the most notorious inventor in Ancient Greece! But as Icky will learn, even those that aim highest can fall. What will he do when his new-found friends try to take his story all the way to the end?

Will Icky’s bad temper keep him locked in a labyrinth forever, or will he learn just like life, every myth has its bad bits? If he can swallow his pride Icky might just take the leap of his life and make it back to camp. Object animation, live music, comedy, and song bring this classic Greek myth alive for children aged 8+

“My favourite part is when Icarus was flying in the high blue sky.” (student review)



21 – 25 October

29 -October – 1 November

4-8 November

Duration: 40 minutes

Themes: Friendship, sharing, grief, respect, resilience.

Advisory: Contains loud music/ sound effects.

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