The Collective: A Year of Creativity, Mahi Tahi and Theatre

An intensive year long programme for Year 12 and Year 13 students at Auckland Theatre Company.

The Collective is an enriching free programme for a group of 20 exceptional and highly motived senior students from around Tamaki Makaurau who are inspired by the power of theatre.

The group of students to be in 2021 The Collective will spend a year attending productions, participating in workshops, meeting arts and creatives at ATC and getting an exclusive backstage pass to a professional theatre company.

 In 2021, The Collective will:

  • Attend 7 productions through the year for free. 
  • Attend post show forums which explore aspects of each play, with creatives and actors in the production. 
  • Participate in masterclasses led by artists, creatives and industry professionals about acting, directing, writing, and design. 
  • Participate in audition masterclasses and workshops with Aotearoa's top drama schools. 
  • Have the opportunity to work on an array of Auckland Theatre Company Projects with different departments (Literary, Artistic, Marketing, Production and Customer Service) 
  • Get exclusive access to backstage stories prior to selected productions. 

Applications Closed: Sunday 07 February, 2021


“My experience as a 2020 member of the ATC Youth collective has been an exciting one. This year has been difficult in many ways but The collective has offered me an opportunity in the dramatic arts that I enjoyed immensely. I met so many new people my age interested in what Auckland Theatre Company had to offer its youth, and that allowed me to feel comfortable in expressing myself as an artist. The collective has brought me the chance to express my individuality as a young woman through dance, film, and Acting this year, and these chances have brought on a new love for ATC and the dramatic world.“

Aisla Daube, The Collective 2020