Eduard Liebenberger

Head of Digital, Jade Software

Eduard is passionate about driving the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and leveraging the possibilities of this wide-ranging technology.

Leading a team of individuals with expertise across all aspects of software, including development, user experience design, product design, and data science, he takes great pride in finding ways to create, develop, and launch functioning AI solutions in under 8 weeks.

More specifically, he and his team have already launched several AI initiatives, such as a recent machine learning initiative that can accurately predict university students’ likelihood of dropping out, then pass the information on to the institution to take action.

With a background in Computer Science, and experience leading digital transformations in multinational organisations, including William Hill a global bookmaking company, Eduard brings a technical understanding and strategic vision to the application of AI.

Looking toward the future, Eduard sees AI as an opportunity to free people from everyday mundane tasks, and, in turn, free up human thinking for complex and creative tasks. In particular, he views AI as assisted or augmented intelligence, as a means to allow highly trained people to focus on solutions to complex problems rather than wasting their time on clear-cut cases.

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