Professor Guy Littlefair

Dean for AUT’s Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies

Professor Guy Littlefair is a Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean for the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology. 

The DCT Faculty has a unique interdisciplinary focus on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, which connect the core themes of design and creative technology.

Previously Professor Littlefair had been the Dean of Engineering in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and the Built Environment at Deakin University in Australia since 2011. Combined with an academic spanning 25 years Guy has also had the opportunity to spend time in industry, most recently at Navman where he oversaw the integration of the Mercury Marine business when the company was acquired by the Brunswick Group.

Professor Littlefair is internationally regarded as an expert in the field of machining, having lead teams of researchers in England, New Zealand and now Australia focusing on the machinability of materials. In these leadership capacities, Professor Littlefair has worked with some of the world’s most innovative research-led manufacturing organizations, including Rolls Royce, DeBeers, Toyota and Land Rover.

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