2019 ATC Patrons Group.

Margot and Alastair Acland

Margaret Anderson

John Barnett

Mark and Louise Binns

Michelle Boag

Peter Tatham and Adrian Burr

Paul and Barbie Cook

Roger and Maryanne Dickie

Guy and Nicole Domett

Kim and Annette Ellis

Trevor and Jan Farmer

Stephen and Virginia Fisher

Stuart Grieve and Antonia Fisher

Cameron and Ali Fleming

Rob Nicholson and Ruth Foreman

Michael Friedlander

Dame Jenny Gibbs

Michael and Stephanie Gowan

Ross and Josephine Green

Sue Haigh

Catherine and Michael Hapgood

Allyson and Paul Harvey

Jessica Miles and Isaac Hikaka

Anne and Peter Hinton

Ros and Greg Hinton

Michael and Dame Rosie Horton

Rod and Julie Inglis

Sally and Peter Jackson

Len and Heather Jury

Simon Vannini and Anita Killeen

Ross and Paulette Laidlaw

Philippa Smith-Lambert and Chris Lambert

Margot and Paul Leigh

Sir Chris and Lady Dayle Mace

Robert Johnston and Stella McDonald

Jackie and Phillip Mills

Andrew Gelonese and Michael Moore

Christine and Derek Nolan

Denver and Prue Olde

Peter Macky and Yuri Opeshko

Heather Pascual

Barby Pensabene

Maria Renhart

Robyn and Malcolm Reynolds

Fran and Geoff Ricketts

Mark and Catherine Sandelin

Janmarie Thompson and Joanna Smout

Lady Tait

Julie and Russell Tills

Pip Muir and Kit Toogood

Susan and Gavin Walker

Sir James Wallace

Greg Blanchard and Carol Weaver

Ian Webster

Dona and Gavin White

Fran Wyborn

Annemarie Yannaghas