Become an ATC Supporting Act.

Auckland Theatre Company relies heavily on the generosity of individual donations from private benefactors. A donation to ATC Supporting Acts contributes to the life blood of the Company, with essential funds going towards a myriad of projects such as; the staging of seasonal productions, facilitating community programmes, fostering the potential of young performers and youth audiences, and developing the skills of established theatre practitioners.

With a range of levels to choose from including Standing Ovation ($1000+), Curtain Call ($500+), Take a Bow ($200+) and Applause ($100+), or simply by making a round up donation on subscription forms and general ticket purchases, every cent makes a positive impact on delivering activities.

All donations over $200.00 are publicly acknowledged and all supporters are kept up to date with how their donation is assisting the Company throughout the year.


Donate to ATC Supporting Acts


2017/18 Supporting Acts

Our Standing Ovation Supporters

Sandy and Alan Bulmer
Rob Nicoll
Matthew Olde and Jacqui Cormack
Brian and Pam Stevenson
Scott and Louise Wallace

Our Take a Bow Supporters

Shane Compton
Lex Forrest
Nick and Steph Francis
Sandra Greenfield
Rosemary Langham
Caroline List
Jocelyn Lowe
Mike and Debbie Whale

Tax Credits.

Auckland Theatre Company Ltd is a registered charitable entity. Individuals can claim a tax credit of one third on all donations they make-up to the limit of their taxable income, while Trusts can distribute income tax free by making Auckland Theatre Company a beneficiary. All companies can claim a deduction for the total amount of donations made, up to the limit of their yearly taxable income.