Terms and conditions for subscription tickets

Please read the following information carefully. 

All subscription tickets are sold subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Auckland Theatre Company offers a complimentary ticket exchange service for Design Your Own Season, Full Season Pass and Theatre Club subscribers up to 48 hours prior to the performance for which the tickets were booked.

2. Ticket exchanges within 48 hours of the performance for which the original tickets were booked will be made at the sole discretion of Auckland Theatre Company and may attract a transfer fee.

3. Tickets can be exchanged for any other performance within the same season of the same show. Tickets cannot be exchanged from one show to another or from one season to another.

4. Auckland Theatre Company’s box office must receive the original tickets prior to an exchange being made. No other seats will be held whilst awaiting the return of the original tickets.

5. As a Design Your Own Season subscriber, there will be no additional charge if you exchange a ticket to another performance with the same price structure.

6. As a Design Your Own Season subscriber, if you exchange a ticket from a Preview or Matinee show for a ticket to a Premiere or Standard show, or from a Premiere show to a Standard show, you will be charged the difference between the two ticket prices. Auckland Theatre Company will not refund the difference between the ticket prices for exchanges from Standard shows to Premiere, Matinee or Preview shows, or from Premiere shows to Matinee or Preview shows. Season Pass subscription tickets can be exchanged, availability allowing, within the same season, with no difference to pay.

7. If you exchange a ticket issued as part of a Theatre Club, in the case of one to five tickets being transferred to another performance in the season, you will be charged the difference between the Theatre Club price and the Design Your Own Season subscription price for the performance your club member wishes to attend.

8. Reserved seating is sold as the best available. In some circumstances it may not be possible to meet your requested seat preference. In this instance tickets will be allocated as close as possible to your requested seating.

9. Tickets will not be refunded once they have been purchased and cannot be exchanged, except as required by law.

10. If you exchange a  Snap a Seat ticket, you will be charged the difference between the Snap a Seat price and the Design Your Own Season subscription price.

11. If you purchase multiple Snap a Seat subscriptions, Auckland Theatre Company will endeavour to seat all patrons near each other; however this cannot be guaranteed.

12. Any handling and transactions fees will not be refunded under any circumstance.

13. Presentation of current and valid ID is required for concession tickets. Proof of eligibility for existing subscribers aged 65 and over is not required.


Ticket Exchanges

Auckland Theatre Company provides a complimentary no-reason-required ticket exchange service exclusively for subscribers.

Before we can process your transfer, we first need to receive your original tickets. Prior to this, no exchange will be processed nor seats reserved. You can post them to us or bring them in to the ASB Waterfront Theatre.
You can also tear the tickets in two and email us a photo of them, as long as all details on the tickets are
still clearly visible.

When returning tickets, be sure to include your new preferred performance date, time and daytime contact number. Send them to:

ATC Box Office.

Post: PO Box 96002, Balmoral, Auckland 1342.

Courier/in person:
ASB Waterfront Theatre, 138 Halsey Street, Auckland 1010.