The Lion Foundation Season of

The End of the Golden Weather

By Bruce Mason

1 SEP - 24 SEP 2011 — Drama



Auckland Theatre Company


Maidment Theatre






"I invite you to join me, in a voyage into the past, to that territory of the heart we call childhood."

Bruce Mason's quintessential Kiwi classic chronicles the friendship between a 12-year-old boy and the wild-limbed Firpo.

Through the boy's eyes we see the wonder of life on a perfect beach, in a perfect 1930's New Zealand, during a perfect summer. It's a world of magic and transformation, where anything can happen and miracles seem possible.

Firpo is a social outcast who dreams of winning an Olympic medal. When the boy sets out to help Firpo make his dream a reality, ignoring his father's rebukes and community ridicule, a battle rages between the eternal optimism of childhood and the harsh pragmatism of adulthood.

Gliding effortlessly between flights of poetic fancy and blunt everyday speech, THE END OF THE GOLDEN WEATHER is New Zealand storytelling at its very best.


Keisha Castle-Hughes

Nic Sampson

Dena Kennedy

Fern Sutherland

Matariki Whatarau

Sophie Roberts

Elliot Christensen-Yule