The Navigators


By Malia Johnston

6 OCT - 8 OCT 2017 — ATC Bonus Show



Auckland Theatre Company


ASB Waterfront Theatre




Moon is a dance-theatre piece inspired by the night sky as a place of dreams and imaginings. We now use our mobile phones to navigate and connect us, but the cosmos is the original internet that guided intrepid explorers. Working with long-time collaborators Eden Mulholland and Rowan Pierce, and with contributions from young writers, Malia invites you to add your voices and responses to Moon.


Cuba Haslam

Claire O'Neil

Sean McDonald

Melana Khabazi

Taniora Motutere

Braedyn Humphries

Olivia Foley



General admission $24 - $32

The Navigators

3 artists, 3 bold visions, 3 new stories

Watch three brilliant new ideas come into being in The Navigators.

Three artists have been commissioned by Auckland Theatre Company to develop ground-breaking new performance work. The Navigators marks the beginning of that journey. 

Presented over a festival-style weekend, The Navigators is an invitation into the director's imagination as they take their first steps in creating a new piece of theatre. Gain an insight into how Malia Johnston, Kate Parker and Katie Wolfe work, and watch selected scenes from each play.


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From the director

The study of the night sky unites all people, inspires a sense of awe and connects deeply with our imaginations. It is the perfect starting place to make a new work.

There has been a resurgence of interest around the cultural perspectives of the Matariki star cluster and its significance for Māori. In his book Matariki: The Star of the Year, Dr Rangi Mātāmua points out the collision that has occurred when our knowledge of how the Matariki stars are referred to is mixed with other cultures’ perspectives. These stars have also played a significant role in a variety of cultures when it comes to growing crops, understanding weather patterns and navigating. We now use our mobile phones to navigate but the cosmos is the original internet!

We have invited young wordsmiths, rappers, lyricists and poets to explore what interests them in regard to the star in the Matariki cluster that is referred to as Hiwa-i-te-rangi, the star that is wished upon. Hiwa-i-te-rangi represents the heart and desires for the year ahead and aspirations for the future.

Over the years, I have developed strong creative partnerships with both Eden Mulholland (composer) and Rowan Pierce (AV designer) and so I’m very excited to be able to have them both working on this project with me.

Moon will incorporate movement, design, light, sound and text. The presentation will be an awesome time to share visual chapters, to expose and open up what we are interested in and to share the performance space with the audience. We invite you to come and investigate.

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