Uma Lava

By Victor Rodger

17 SEP 2017 — Play Reading



Auckland Theatre Company


ASB Waterfront Theatre


Approximately 60 minutes



Like I said, if you need anything, there’s a buzzer.

You do room service?

I didn’t say it worked. Enjoy your stay.

The inspiration for the play

In Samoan ua uma means the end. As in period. Full stop. But uma lava means more than just full stop, it means this really is it. Which means it's a fitting title for a play which features three characters who have reached the end of the road, although not in a way that they ever imagined. Using Satre's ‘No Exit’ as a starting point - three people, who hate each other's guts, trapped in a room from which there can be no escape - I've made each of the characters Samoan to give the tale an unabashedly and unapologetically Polynesian spin.

Victor Rodger September 2017




Victor Rodger


Vela Manusaute



Goretti Chadwick

Anapela Polataivao

Ioheto Ah Hi

Roy Ward


The Playwright

Award winning playwright Victor Rodger is this year's Writer in Residence at Victoria University. His plays include Sons and My Name is Gary Cooper, both of which were produced by Auckland Theatre Company, as well as the internationally acclaimed Black Faggot. His personal essay Voyage Round my Father was this year published in The Best of E Tangata and his short story Like Shinderella features in the Maori/Pasefika anthology, Black Marks on the White Page, edited by Witi Ihimaera and Tina Makeriti.