Subscription FAQs

If we didn't answer a question here, please give us a call on 0800 ATC TIX or see our Subscription Terms and Conditions.


The Most Common Questions

Why should I subscribe?

The number one reason to subscribe is to get the best seats at the best price. There is a subscriber-exclusive booking period which means you’re accessing seats before the public can purchase them. Another key reason is convenience of getting the whole year booked in one go, so you won’t miss out.

How long will it take to get my subscription tickets?

Your tickets are processed in 2 working days and sent via NZ Post. You should receive your subscription tickets within 10 working days. For a faster and more secure delivery, you can also choose to receive your tickets by .

Our Box Office is closed for the summer holiday season so we won’t be processing subscriptions or posting tickets between 23 Dec – 9 Jan.

Please note, all booking forms are processed in the order they are received.

What if I lose my tickets?

In most cases, subscription tickets can be replaced free of charge. Call us on the VIP Concierge service line for subscribers 09 309 3395 and we’ll make sure replacement tickets are waiting for you at the venue or we can immediately send these to your email.

How do I contribute to the 30th Anniversary Fund?

In 2023, the company's 30th year, we set up a fund to support the organisations sustainability for the next 30-years. We warmly invite you to be part of Auckland’s theatre story and consider a special gift to become one of our 30th Anniversary Fund supporters. Please contact us on [email protected]

More information on the 30th Anniversary Fund is available on our Support page.

Alternatively, we invite you to support the creative ambition of Auckland Theatre Company and make a donation with your subscription or ticket purchase. Gifts over $5 are fully tax deductible. Donate Now.

How to book online


Find the subscription you would like to book.

Tip: If you are going to Design Your Own subscription, you start with the number of plays you’re going to see. You will not be able to add or remove the total number of plays later.



Select the number of tickets you would like.

Tip: You will have the same number of tickets for every play. You can add additional tickets for any play later.


For each play, select your preferred performance
date and time. Next, you can “Choose My Seats” or “Quick Checkout” to automatically get the best seats available.

Made a mistake? Please refresh the page to
start again.


If you have selected “Choose My Seats”, you
will be redirected to our Seating Map.

Tip: For each performance, select your first seat,
select the price type and “Add to Cart”. Repeat for every subscription seat. Repeat this process for all performances.


Now, you will be taken to your cart to review. Here you can add additional tickets and book a car park.

Tip: If you want to book a car park or additional tickets to specific shows later, make a note of the performance date, time and seat numbers.


Review your order and make sure all of the information is correct. If you can, please add a donation to Auckland Theatre Company.

Tip: You can pay in instalments, redeem a gift voucher or use your On Account credit.

Gift a Subscription

How do I gift someone a subscription?

There are two ways you can gift the joy of theatre to someone very lucky:

  1. Buy a gift voucher of any value. Consider that a full Season Pass (eight plays) in Premium is $536 and a Design Your Own for five plays starts at $220.

  2. Buy a subscription and create a new account in their name (tip: use your email until you’ve actually given it to them). Don’t worry, if the dates you choose for them don't work they can exchange their dates with no transfer fees.

You will receive a subscription confirmation email upon purchase. Use this email if you need something to print out and ‘gift’ immediately.

Choose the postal address for the tickets to be sent to during account creation. We use NZ Post to send out subscription tickets, please allow approximately 10 working days to receive them.

When the gift receiver has their wonderful gift, they call us on the VIP Concierge service line for subscribers 09 309 3395 to change their account details like postal address and email. The account must have been created in their name; we cannot transfer a subscription from your account to a new account.

Ticket Exchanges

What does unlimited free exchanges for subscribers mean?

All subscribers, of any subscription type, can change their tickets into another performance of the same play. There is no exchange fee to do this and you can exchange as many times as you need.

Subscriber tickets are immune to dynamic pricing applied to standard tickets, which means as standard tickets increase in price, subscribers can move into that performance and if you sit in the same reserve as your original booking you won’t pay any ticket difference.

If you upgrade your reserve (for example move from A Reserve into Premium) you will only pay the difference to upgrade to a subscriber Premium ticket, not a standard Premium ticket.

If you’re moving from Preview into Standard performances you will only pay the difference to upgrade to a subscriber ticket within the Standard season.

A credit card
surcharge of 2.5% will be charged for any exchanges that incur a price difference.

Please refer to Subscription Terms & Conditions for full details.

How do I exchange my subscription tickets for another performance date?

Call us on the VIP Concierge service line for subscribers 09 309 3395 to exchange your tickets.

Can Theatre Club group members exchange their tickets?
Absolutely. If you are moving away from your Theatre Club group of six or more, there will be a slight difference to pay (the difference between a Theatre Club ticket and a standard subscription ticket).

Please refer to Terms & Conditions for details. Exchanges made within forty-eight hours of the original performance are at the sole discretion of Auckland Theatre Company and may be subject to handling fees. 

Please refer to Subscription Terms & Conditions for full details.

Subscriber Benefits

What if I have friends who want to attend a show with me but are not subscribers themselves?

You can book additional tickets at any time, for anyone, at a discounted price. This special subscriber price for additional tickets is immune to dynamic pricing applied to standard tickets, which means as standard tickets increase in price, subscribers can buy additional tickets at a fixed price so the discount benefit (and bragging rights) increases.

You can also exchange your existing subscription tickets to ensure you can all sit together.

Subscribers pay their booking fees at the beginning of the year, and as such there is no booking fee for buy
ing additional tickets. A credit card surcharge of 2.5% still applies.

How can I pay off my subscription in instalments?

On the final cart page, after you've contributed a donation amount (if any) but before you enter your credit card details, there is an option for you to select "Pay by Instalments" and this will split the cost of your subscription (and add ons) over three instalments. If you've made a donation (thank you) this will be taken in full as part of your first instalment.

The first instalment will be paid upon check out and the remaining instalments will be automatically charged fortnightly.

General Questions

What is Premium Seating?

All seats in the ASB Waterfront Theatre offer excellent sightline and audio volume to ensure you have a quality theatre experience. Premium seating offers you a view of the action from the very best seats in the house. For more information on ASB Waterfront Theatre seat maps please download our 2023 Season Booking Guide.

What are Preview performances?
Production seasons are made of two preview performances prior to opening night, available at a bargain price, and the rest of the season is standard pricing. There is no longer premiere week pricing.

Please consider booking your subscription earlier in the season as we love starting the season with our most loyal and friendly faces in the audience.

Why are there booking fees?

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and experiences for our audiences. The performing arts is not immune to the rising costs exhibited across all industries. We appreciate your support and understanding that it takes more for us to process your subscription form or phone booking and to offer this personalised service we charge a $6 fee per order. Please note that for subscribers, this is a one-time fee; additional tickets do not incur an extra booking fee. Any bookings made over the phone, or in person incur a 2.5% credit card surcharge. If you are happy to do it yourself, you can book online with no fees or surcharge.

What's the difference between purchasing a subscription and just buying tickets at other times during the season?

A subscription will save you money and time, secure the best seats and offer you flexibility to make going to the theatre with your friends and whānau easier. Subscribers are the lifeblood of our theatre and we thank you for your loyalty and the support you give to this artform and our industry.

Just like airlines, our prices start low and rise the busier a performance gets. If you leave purchasing tickets to the last minute, you could pay over $800 to see eight shows in 2024. Subscribing enables us to take creative risks and secure to our financial sustainability, that means we can offer the same value and discount subscription tickets by up to 37%.

Ways to Save with Subscriptions

Here’s some clever ways to save even more when you subscribe to Auckland Theatre Company.

Preview The Shows
The first two performances of a show season, before opening night, are called Previews. All tickets to Preview performances are at a heavily reduced price to encourage you to see it first and spread the word. A Snap A Seat subscription lets you choose your seats in preview performances and starts from as little as $296 for all eight shows!

Go in a group

Make your own theatre club of six or more people and your tickets can be as low as $49 each per performance. Theatre Club is the cheapest way enjoy a year of theatre.
Hint: Save even more by taking your Theatre Club on Preview nights for as little as just $35 each per show!

Pick B Reserve
Our website lets you pick the seat you want. We have 3 reserves: Premium, A and B Reserve. All our seats are great, but B Reserve is a great save too. You can get a Season Pass, which is eight shows, for as little as $440 in B Reserve.

For the young ones
If you’re 30 or under, you can score a seat for a sweet $30 each per performance. Purchase a Design Your Own and pick the plays you most want to see. A and B Reserve only.