Pay What You Wish

Our doors are thrown open on Pay What You Wish night.

If you’ve never been to the theatre before, we have one night to give it a go risk-free. It’s first in, best seats, with the performance ticketed as General Admission. And yes, you can literally pay what you wish.

How does it work?

Join us at ASB Waterfront Theatre, from 5:30pm before the show starts at 7pm, for an evening of social connection and casual pre-show hangs with music and more.

It’s super easy to book online and you can pay what you think the show is worth, anything from $1. If you want to just come for the pre-show fun, you’re welcome to that too.

Tue 13 Feb, 7:00pm
O le Pepelo, le Gaoi, ma le Pala’ai | The Liar, the Thief, and the Coward
Tue 12 Mar, 7:00pm
The Effect
Tue 23 Apr, 7:00pm
Red, White and Brass
Tue 25 Jun, 7:00pm 
Scenes from the Climate Era
Tue 6 Aug, 7:00pm   
Girls & Boys
Tue 17 Sep, 7:00pm
Peter Pan
Tue 15 Oct, 7:00pm
a mixtape for maladies
Tue 26 Nov, 7:00pm