By Arrangement with Samuel French Limited

12 Angry Men

By Reginald Rose

20 MAY - 20 JUN 1998 — Drama



Auckland Theatre Company


Maidment Theatre






A New York Court of Law, 1954:

 A sixteen year old boy from the slums is the Defendant,  he is charged with murder in the first degree--premeditated homicide.  The victim was his father.  If the boy is found guilty, he will be sentenced to death.

The twelve jurors have just heard the case, now they must decide on the verdict.  Their vote must be unanimous.  Unless there is cause for a reasonable doubt, the jurors must find the accused guilty. 

Fact after fact incriminates the Defendant.  There are witnesses, there is physical evidence, there was a motive.  But one juror has his doubts: “Nothing is that positive”, he claims.  And so, with one man dead and the life of another at stake, the room temperature soars to rival the stifling summer heat as the deliberation ignites into a fierce and explosive contest for justice