Amy's View

by David Hare

22 APR - 15 MAY 1999 — Drama



Auckland Theatre Company


Maidment Theatre






"You know Amy's view: you have to love people. You have to give them love with no conditions at all." Pangbourne & London. 1979-1995. When Amy's new boyfriend Dominic fails to hit it off with her mother, the famous West-End actress, Esme Allen, a feud is begun that lasts for the next sixteen years. Enraged by his opinions on the irrelevance of art and hardened by the caddish treatment of her daughter in a marriage she could not prevent, Esme rejects as naïve Amy's view, that unconditional love conquers all. As her own star fades and Dominic's fortunes rise, only a tragic and unforeseeable intervention of fate can soften Esme's implacable stance and introduce the possibility of reconciliation. In the second of his trilogy of plays about love that began with SKYLIGHT, David Hare has attempted to put modern women's lives on stage in a way women might recognise. A generational play about the long-term struggle between a strong mother and a loving daughter, AMY'S VIEW mixes love, death and the theatre in a heady and original way.