Auckland Theatre Company presents the ASB Bank season of

Secret Bridesmaids' Business

By Elizabeth Coleman

31 MAY - 30 JUN 2001 — Comedy



Auckland Theatre Company


Maidment Theatre


2 hours with an interval of 15 minutes





Every Wedding Ceremony once contained within it a moment of great dramatic tension: "If there is anyone here who knows just cause or impediment why these two persons should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold thy peace…" The Minister would then reverentially pause for a response. In that pause, time would stand still. What if you did know of one very BIG impediment? What would you do? Speak now or forever hold your peace? Australian playwright Elizabeth Coleman explores this surprisingly complex moral dilemma with great wit, warmth and even-handed generosity of spirit. Is 'friendship' best manifested by telling the truth, no matter how brutal? Or does a friend know when to withhold, letting the awful secret reveal itself on its own good time? Perhaps a greater good [and longer relationship] is achieved by the time-honoured tactics of 'constructive omission', 'loving evasion' and 'caring avoidance'? The beauty of the play is that it presents the two-sides of the story, gives both a fair hearing and then lets everyone [with delicious hilarity] suffer the consequences of their actions. Watch that confetti fly!


Roz Turnbull

Meg Bacon

Donna Akerston

Colleen Bacon

Rebecca Hobbs

Lucy Dean

Katrina Devine

Naomi Bartlett

Simon Roborgh

James Davis

Calandra Smith