My Name Is Gary Cooper

By Victor Rodger

20 SEP - 13 OCT 2007 — Drama



Auckland Theatre Company


Maidment Theatre






There was more than one Gary Cooper. This one came to Hollywood with one thing on his mind. It wasn't stardom.

Wide shot - Samoa - 1952. Hollywood legend Gary Cooper sets the Island alight filming Return To Paradise "the great South Pacific adventure".

Cut to - Los Angeles - 1973. A young Samoan man charms his way into the lives and hearts of a movie industry family.

Close-up - Auckland - 2000. Hollywood cinema Avondale. A revival screening of Return To Paradise throws new light on a family cycle of betrayal and revenge.

My Name Is Gary Cooper jumps time zones and cultural divides to challenge our gaudy Technicolor images of island life and Hollywood dreams.

Erotic, funny and full of machete-sharp dialogue, one of our most daring contemporary playwrights offers a new insight into the steamy side of Paradise.