The New Zealand Post Season of

Ship Songs

By Ian Hughes

6 AUG - 21 SEP 2008 — Drama



Auckland Theatre Company


Herald Theatre






When Ian's mum met Ian's dad sparks flew. The reason? Ian's mum had the most amazing story to tell of her adventures on the high seas...

Alive with theatrical invention, this new solo play weaves together cutting edge animation, shipboard romances, epic tales and roguish folklore from the seven seas.

Romantic, funny, visually stunning and hugely entertaining, SHIP SONGS enacts three narratives spanning several centuries- from the true story of Ian's mothers' fateful journey on the Manchester Progress in 1963; to a British convict ship sailing the waters off New Zealand in the late 1790's; to an Imperial treasure fleet under the command of the famous Chinese eunuch admiral Cheng Ho in 1405.

SHIP SONGS traverses the symbolic connection between the sea, the human capacity for love and everyone's quest to reach the shore.

Various venues including The Pumphouse Theatre, Herald Theatre, Playhouse Theatre & Howick Little Theatre.