The New Zealand Post Season of


By Ken Duncum

6 MAY - 29 MAY 2010 — Comedy



Auckland Theatre Company


Maidment Theatre






Presented as part of the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival

Ronald Hugh Morrieson and James K Baxter - the two great mavericks of kiwi literature and the best of buddies. Yeah right!

Baxter is on the run from the arty-farty literati. But when he hitches a ride with Morrieson to Hawera, he gets more than he bargained for; a seriously pissed off rival, a dotty aunt, an oversexed girlfriend... and the backend of a horse.

Full of witty and rambunctious language, HORSEPLAY is a cock-eyed salute to literary genius and the nature of the creative act.

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Ronald's house in Hawera was bull dozed and a KFC built on the site in 1992.