Fallen Angels

By Noel Coward

13 FEB - 15 MAR 2014 — Comedy



Auckland Theatre Company


Q Theatre






Socialites Julia and Jane lament the loss of sparkle in their marriages. However, their settled lives are soon upended when a mutual long-ago-lover, sexy Frenchman Maurice Duclos, announces his intention to pay them an impromptu visit. With their passionless husbands away playing golf, there's clearly only one thing to do: pop open the champagne!
As each successive glass of liquid courage is imbibed, tongues start to loosen, hidden jealousies surface and the claws come out. Will Maurice arrive? Will he favour one over the other? Will Julia and Jane's longstanding friendship be mortally wounded? Will their husbands be suitably jealous? Only time will tell.

Smart, stylish and hysterically funny, Noël Coward's divine comedy classic is the original "Absolutely Fabulous". With such universal themes as the lure of lustful sex, the foibles of friendship, marriages gone stale and the nature of commitment, Fallen Angels is the perfect entertainment confection for a summer evening. Heavenly!

In 1925 Coward was the toast of London with The Vortex, On With the Dance, Hay Fever and Fallen Angels all running simultaneouslyin West End theatres. The direction and design dream team of Raymond Hawthorne and Tracy Grant Lord bring their hallmark classand sophisticated style to this delicious comedy about the sexual shenanigans of the British upper crust, as Lisa Chappell andClaire Dougan take on these fabulously funny roles in this champagne-cork-popping comedy. - Colin


Priyanka Xi


Jonathan Allen

Maurice Duclos