By Artistophanes, Adapted by Michael Hurst

30 JUL - 29 AUG 2015 — Comedy



Auckland Theatre Company


Q Theatre


100 minutes with 20 minute interval





The battle of the sexes is about to get dirty.

Make Love not war.

Fed up with a never ending war, the women of Athens go on a sex strike! But the boys are outraged. Tempers and libidos escalate out of control as the battle lines are drawn.

It's Sex in the City 411BC!

Michael Hurst and the team that brought you Chicago unleash their talents on another sensationally sexy comedy!


...if there is one person in New Zealand to not only direct, but adapt, such comedy for the 21st century, it is the ever humorous Michael Hurst...What Hurst has presented, within the confines of a black box theatre, is the closest theatrical experience one can have to that of the play’s original audience.
James Wenley, Theatre Scenes
This Hurstified Lysistrata is virile, cheeky, over-the-top, and completely delivers on its promise of entertainment. The most fun you can have in a theatre this winter.
James Wenley, Metro
Hurst has, in his inimitable style, grabbed Aristophanes' play firmly by the goolies and given it a thoroughly good shake up and this modern treatment really works. He has cleverly stayed adjacent to the style and spirit of the original but this is no ancient Greek replica, oh dear no. This is as crass and inane as any reality TV show you're going to see anytime soon. But it's more than that too.
Lexie Matheson, Theatreview
The reason Auckland Theatre Company’s modern spin on Lysistrata works is how successfully it imports its themes for audiences today...Go see it. The classics don’t get much more accessible than this.
Nathan Joe, The Lumiere Reader